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Gator Tree Experts is unique from other tree service companies in the area. We deliver high quality results with fast, friendly service and we constantly exceed the expectations of our clients. The majority of our service requests are for tree trimming and removals because the project is too complex and/or dangerous. We offer a full range services from tree trimming and removal services to land clearing and heavy demolition. Give "Gator Tree Experts" a call for quality workmanship at an affordable price.

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Tree Removal

Let our professionals handle your tree removal needs. Whatever the reason, Gator Tree Experts can remove any tree safely and without damage to the surrounding property.

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Tree Trimming

Healthy trees are a valuable asset to your property and the environment as a whole. Gator Tree Experts has specialized for years in proper tree trimming practices. The longevity of trees and their vitality can greatly be improved by proper periodic maintenance.

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Moss Removal

The two main types of moss in central Florida are the “Ball Moss” and “Spanish Moss.” Both live on microorganisms in the air. Neither are a parasite to the tree like mistletoe which roots itself into the branches and saps the trees nutrients.

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Stump Removal

Gator Tree Experts has provided numerous customers in the Orlando metro area with beautiful properties after removing and/or grinding the stumps, roots and other unwanted tree remains that you may have.

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